Public Speaking

Does your group need a public speaker? Are you planning on bringing in the same person another like-minded organization brought in recently or someone you’ve heard more times than MSNBC making excuses for Barack Obama? Change it up this year and bring in a speaker that activists, elected officials, donors and perspective candidates will enjoy, be motivated by and learn a thing or two from. Have John Tsarpalas speak at your next event.

Do you need to convince members of your group to consider running for office? Are you looking for people to get more involved with their feet as well as their wallet? Do you need someone to talk about running for local office, current affairs or what the future political season is shaping up to be? You want John to speak at your next event.

Lincoln Day events, organization fundraisers, campaign rallies or a simple monthly meeting, contact John Tsarpalas and make your event special and meaningful for all attendees.

Speaking Topics

Politics Is Local
Who is running for your local school or village board? Chances are your state representative, state senator or congressman, once held a local elected office. These elected positions play important roles in people's lives and grooming future leaders. Maybe you should be running for local office?

The Importance of GOTV
Everything you worked for hinges on getting your voters to the polls. Do you know how to identify voters and get them to the polls on Election Day?

The Infrastructure of the Left
Understanding your opponents and how they operate is crucial to winning elections. The left operates differently and utilizes resources unavailable to conservatives. You should know their tactics.

How the GOP Works- Rules and Committees
The Republican Party doesn't operate in the way you would think. Do you have any understanding of the different committees that are operating, who do they report to, and how are they controlled? How can you influence the GOP?

Trouble Ahead Trouble Behind
What caused all this mess, where is it leading – can it be stopped?

Small Is Beautiful: A Guideline for Every Issue
There is a better way to approach all of our policy decisions. This simple plan gives any candidate and organization an easy road map to handle just about every issue.