West Suburban Tea Party Patriots to feature guest speaker John Tsarpalas at June 11th meeting

Wilmette, IL –The West Suburban Tea Party Patriots will feature former Illinois GOP Executive Director, John Tsarpalas, at their June 11th meeting to be held at Wheaton Bowl, 2031 Gary Ave., Wheaton, starting at 9:00 am. Tsarpalas, who also served as president of the limited government advocacy group Sam Adams Alliance, will discuss the importance of principled individuals running for office and getting involved in the political process.

“Political change comes from winning campaigns and electing the right people to all levels of government,” said Tsarpalas. “The Tea Party movement has changed the political dynamics of the country and I want them to know how they can be the key to real hope and real change.”

Besides encouraging principled individuals to run for office, Tsarpalas works with candidates, campaign staffers and their families to prepare them for the realities of running for office. Through his organization Tsarpolitics, Tsarpalas offers candidates and campaigns coaching services to prepare candidates and the people around them for the rigors of a political campaign.

“Candidates, spouses and staffers must understand the journey they are embarking on and have the right mindset when they make the decision to run for public office,” said Tsarpalas. “I prepare candidates, spouses, campaign managers and staffers on what to expect, how the journey will affect their professional and personal lives as well as how to turn the everyday grind into a wonderful and enlightening experience.”

Tea Party groups, activists and other principled conservatives can contact John Tsarpalas at 847-840-5201 or visit www.tsarpolitics.com to learn more about Tsarpolitics and to have him speak to their organizations. For media inquiries contact the Pauliegroup at 847-845-3501.